Dual-Connector Car Charging Station
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Dual-Connector Car Charging Station

SPX Electric stands at the forefront of electric vehicle charging innovation with its pivotal product keyword - the Dual-Connector Car Charging Station. This cutting-edge solution exemplifies the company's commitment to providing versatile and efficient charging infrastructure.

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Product Description

The Dual-Connector Car Charging Station is engineered to accommodate a wide range of electric vehicles, featuring two connectors for simultaneous charging. This innovative design not only enhances charging efficiency but also caters to the diverse needs of electric vehicle users, allowing different vehicle models with varying connector types to charge simultaneously. SPX Electric's commitment to flexibility and adaptability is evident in this product, making it a standout choice for various charging scenarios, including public charging stations, commercial areas, and residential settings.

With its state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly design, the Dual-Connector Car Charging Station from SPX Electric not only contributes to the seamless integration of electric vehicles into daily life but also solidifies the company's position as a leader in advancing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This innovative product reflects SPX Electric's dedication to providing solutions that address the evolving needs of the electric mobility landscape.


TC132 TC232 TC332 TC432
AC power 1P+N+PE 3P+N+PE
power supply
AC       230V±15% AC       400V±15%
rated current 10-32A
frequency 50-60HZ
cable length 5M Socket 5M Socket
sockets/plugs 2*plug type 2(1) 2*socket type 2 2*plug type 2 2*socket type 2
IP grade IP55
humidity no condensation
cooling way natural cooling
240*340*120 395*260*125
weight(kg) 9.9 6.3 16 12
Mounting Type wall(default)/column
Special function RCM/DLB optional


1.RCM version When DC leakage occurs in the charging pile, the charging will be disconnected. After the leakage fault is removed, the charging pile will automatically return to normal without manual closing. The controller self-checks the RCMU before each charge to ensure that the RCMU is normal.

2.DLB version
Load balancing (DLB) version is to realize the rational use of household electricity, through the connection of an external transformer to the charging pile, when the total current detected by the transformer exceeds the set current, the charging current of the charging pile will gradually decrease until the charging pile stops charging; When the total current detected by the transformer is less than the set current after the peak power consumption, the charging pile will automatically start, select a suitable current gear to charge, and achieve dynamic balance. The charging current of the charging pile is not fixed, varies from 10-32A according to the actual demand, and cannot be set.

The DIP setting switch of the charge current of the controller is changed to the current setting of the transformer, and a transformer can realize the current setting in different occasions. The connection distance between the transformer and the charging pile can reach more than 150m.

3.RFID version
Can realize card charging, prevent unauthorized users from using, factory configuration 5 cards. Built-in DIP switch with drop card mode

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