Thermal Relay
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Thermal Relay

Established in 2005, Zhejiang SPX Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. stands out as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of thermal relays in China. With years of specialization in this field, we offer products with a competitive pricing edge, catering to a wide market that spans Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and America. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to build a lasting partnership with you in China.

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Product Description

SPX high quality STH-N series thermal relay is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated operating voltage to 690V, current to 630A long-term or intermittent long-term operation of the general AC motor overload and phase break protection, with phase break protection, temperature compensation, trip indication function, and can be automatically and manually reset, can be inserted with contactors. It can also be installed independently.

The STH-N12 thermal relay is suitable for S-C10/12 AC Contactor.

Frame(A) STH-N18(TH-N18) STH-N25(TH-N25) STH-N50(TH-N50)
Suitabie AC contactor S-C10/12 S-C21/25 S-C50/95
Aux contact structure Manual or Auto retum

Adjust range selcet(A)
Select(A) Adjust range(A) Select(A) Adjust range(A) Select(A) Adjust range(A)
0.24A 0.2~0.32 1.3A 1~1.6 15A 12~18
0.35A 0.28~0.42 1.7A 1.4~2.0 19A 16~22
0.5A 0.4~0.6 2.1A 1.7~2.5 22A 18~26
0.7A 0.55~0.85 2.5A 2~3 29A 24~34
0.9A 0.7~1.1 3.6A 2.8~4.4 35A 30~40
1.3A 1~1.6 5A 4~6 42A 34~50
1.7A 1.4~2.0 6.6A 5.2~8 54A 43~65
2.1A 1.7~2.5 9A 7~11 67A 54~80
2.5A 2~3 11A 9~13 82A 65~93
3.6A 2.8~4.4 15A 12~18 95A 85~105
5A 4~6 19A 16~22

6.6A 5.2~8 22A 18~26

9A 7~11 29A 24~34

11A 9~13 35A 30~40

Aux contact structure 1a1b(1NO+1NC)
Outline and installation dimension

Type L W H φD
TH-N20 63 51 79 4.5
TH-N60 89 57 83.5 4.5

SPX Thermal Relays Feature And Application

Raw materials with minimal environmental impact

Materials resistant to flames and heat

Extended lifespan of machinery

3C certification (maintaining the original meaning)

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