Charging Cable Plug Holder And Lock
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Charging Cable Plug Holder And Lock

SPX Electric is a company focused on electric vehicle charging solutions. The company is committed to providing efficient and reliable charging equipment to meet the growing demands of the electric vehicle market. Within its product line, the Charging Cable Plug Holder And Lock is a pivotal solution designed to enhance the convenience and safety of the electric vehicle charging process.

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Product Description

The Charging Cable Plug Holder And Lock is an innovative design that offers electric vehicle users a convenient and secure charging experience. The plug holder effectively secures the charging cable plug, preventing it from loosening or falling during the charging process. Simultaneously, the locking mechanism provides an additional layer of security, preventing unauthorized individuals from tampering or maliciously moving the charging equipment. By introducing the Charging Cable Plug Holder And Lock, SPX Electric provides users with an advanced and reliable charging solution, further driving the development of the electric vehicle industry.


Rated voltage 12V DC
Voltagf range 10.5 TO 13.5 VDC
Non-ldling current ≤200mA
Maximum current ≤650mA
Thermal overload protection Not available
Locking lever retention force ≥80N
Locking lever breaking force ≥200N
Functional angle ≤90°
Response time ≤100ms
Mximum power on time 3s(No long time conduction)
Movement time <300ms
Operating temperature -40T85
Electronical life 23E4 cycles
Insulation strength DC500V    1MΩ
Degree protection provided by enclosure IEC IP55
Single power on time DC12V 0.2S<t<1S
Operating duty cycle DC12V     ON:OF=1S:3S
Manual unlocking pul ≤5N
Manual unlock life 23E3 cycles


Schematic diagram of electronic control for electronic lock

Positive power supply with
voltage of 12V Red line
Black line

Electronic lock

Feedback switch condition

Lock condition

Conduction (closed)

Unlock condition


Electrical wiring principle

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