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AC Operated Contactor

Distinguished as a leading manufacturer and supplier, SPX Electric takes pride in its role as a key player in China's electrical industry. With a robust portfolio encompassing AC Operated Contactors, thermal relays, and magnetic starters, SPX boasts a wealth of expertise cultivated over numerous years.

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Product Description

The AC Operated Contactor stands as a fundamental and ubiquitous electrical component within the relay control system. Its primary function is to establish and break connections, effectively controlling the operation of motors and various equipment. Functioning as an intermediate control component, its notable advantage lies in its ability to frequently connect and disconnect. Typically, it employs small current or voltage to manage larger currents or voltages in the system.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the significant price advantage we offer, ensuring the competitiveness of our products in the market. Extending our reach across the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with a notable presence in Thailand, we have successfully catered to diverse needs and preferences.

As we look forward to the opportunity of establishing a lasting partnership with you, SPX Electric positions itself as your steadfast, long-term collaborator in China. Our dedication to quality and innovation is poised to contribute to the success and reliability of your electrical systems.

SPX AC operated Contactor Parameter

Framel(A) S-M10(S-T10) S-M12(S-T12) S-M20(S-T20) S-M21(S-T21) S-M25(S-T25)
Reted power(AC-3)
220V 2.5/3.5 3.5/4.5 3.7 4 7.5110
380V 4/5.5 5.5/7.5 7.5 7.5 15/20
Reted cument(AC-3)
220V 11 13 18 20 30
380V 9 12 18 20 34
Reted heating cument(A) 20 32 50
Reted insutaled voltage(V) 660

Cantac Standard 1NO 1NO+1NC 1NO+1NC 2NO+2NC
Reted cument(A) 220V 1.6
380V 0.95
Electric life 100 80
Machanical life 1000 500 500

Outline and installation dimension

Type L W H C1 C2 φD
S-T10 36 75 78 60 28 4.2
S-T12 44 75 78 60 30/35 4.2
S-T21 63 81 81 58 54 4.5

Frame(A) S-M35(S-T35) S-M50(S-T50) S-M65(S-T65) S-M80(S-T80)
Reted power(AC-3)
220V 11/15 15/18.5 18.5/22 22/30
380V 18.5/22 22/30 30/45 45/55
Reted current(AC-3)
220V 42 54 68 85
380V 40 50 65 85
Reted heating current(A) 60 80 100 120
Reted insutaled voltage(V) 690

Contad Standard 2NO+2NC
Reted current
220V 1.6
380V 0.95
Electric life 85 65
Machanical life 500 300

Outline and installation dimension
Type L W H C1 C2 φD
S-M35 75 89 90 70 65 4.5
S-M65 88 103 105 75 70 5.5

SPX AC operated Contactor Feature And Application

*Utilized in conjunction with thermal relay devices to safeguard equipment.
*Sustainable raw material
*Offering medium to high-end quality to cater to diverse customer needs and adapt to various markets.
*Silver contact
*It employs small current or voltage to control larger currents or voltages in the system, in addition to motors, SPX ac contactors are also used to control other electrical loads, such as electric heaters, welding machines, lighting equipment, etc.

SPX AC operated Contactor S-T12 Details

*with CE certificate

*Good material PA66

*Products of the same series

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